Monday, October 31, 2022

Trade Market Global - A New Multi-Vendor Wholesale Marketplace

The rise of multi-vendor marketplaces caught our attention at Global Q International LLC.  We were originally planning to start with in-person sales representation, and at the appropriate time, develop an online platform to compliment our sales representation services.  Apparently, fate had another idea, one that would turn our vision and plans upside down.  The pandemic hit, and it hit economically very hard, all over the world.  It affected global trade and supply chains beyond what most of us expected!  It changed buying behaviors all over the world.  

Before the pandemic, the number of online shopping sites were already growing steadily.  But the onset of the pandemic and the lock-downs, created a huge boost in the need for shopping and sourcing products and services online.  It also caused our company to reconsider the plausibility of relying so heavily on in-person sales representation, now, and in the future.  It was obvious to us that more lock-downs could stop us from doing what we did so well, and thus taking away our advantages.  So we decided to change our plan, and start building our online platform first, while slowly building our in-person representation network as a compliment to our online marketplace platform. 

Trade Market Global was born.  We began the development of our own Multi-Vendor Platform for Wholesale Buyers and Sellers, for Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Service Providers.   As of writing this blog entry, we are currently in our launch phase, which will be temporary.  By the time you are reading this, our launch period may have ended, or maybe not, but it is worth checking on our website if you are interested.  During our launch period, all accounts will be free, with no setup or subscription fees for the life of the account!  This will be our way of saying thank you for helping us to fill up and launch our Marketplace.  For more details about our launch, you can visit our Membership Options page.  We look forward to seeing you there, and working with you. 

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