Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Global Deal Hub - New Online Gathering Place for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals

When we first built Trade Market Global, our online multi-vendor wholesale marketplace, we wanted to make it unique.  We wanted to add something new, something that would help us stand apart from all the rest.  We wanted to develop it more as a community for global commerce, rather than just a common internet shopping site, or product listing site.  We didn't want it to be just about "sales".  We wanted it to be about bringing business people with a common goal together.  We saw that entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and opportunities existed all over the world, but yet there were no great places to gather them, and bring them all together.  We knew that we needed to first add a simple gathering place.  Then over time, as the business grew, we could continuously improve the marketplace, and the gathering place.  

Global Deal Hub was born.  We created a social networking site for businesses, professionals, inventors, investors, sales reps, sales rep firms, and more.   This is a place where you can find projects and deals and partners to work with.  The Global Deal Hub is tightly connected with Trade Market Global so that business discussions can easily be linked with products and services displayed on the Marketplace.  The Global Deal Hub also includes an easy to find link, right in the user's back office menu, so that with one click, you can start a video chat with another user, or a conference with multiple users.  The free conferencing feature also includes the ability to share your screen with multiple users, and share and exchange documents.  This will make it much easier for you to get to know the people you are working with, even if they are located very far from you.  Welcome to the Global Deal Hub!