Sunday, November 9, 2008

Starting Your Business and Living the American Dream - Have We Forgotten?

Let me first say that America is an amazing country to live in. Further more, America has an enormous amount of opportunities available to it's citizens. So why do so many people living in the United States of America spend their lives dreaming about fulfilling their dreams and starting a business, only find themselves in a state of regret many years down the road?
Perhaps the answer has something to do with taking things for granted. Or maybe it is just a case of forgetting what this beautiful country is all about! Could it be that those particular people just don't want it bad enough? There could be a variety of reasons why a particular person has not lived their dreams. But I know one thing for sure. It is not because the U.S.A. does not offer the opportunities, freedoms, and the resources needed to "Live the American Dream." In my experiences I have seen that it is quite the opposite. The United States of America offers many more resources and doorways to opportunity than most areas on this wonderful planet that we call Earth.
I have a home in the U.S.A. and I also have a home in China. Thus I have traveled to the other side of the world several times and have been to at least 5 very different countries. I am the owner of an import/export business which connects me with a variety of global locations. Through my travels and through the many friends, family, and the many business contacts I have made (many of whom have traveled all over the world), I have come to learn that "Opportunity" is what the world craves! What the human spirit needs is a dream. We also need the opportunity along with the resources and the freedom necessary to build that dream.
There are so many beautiful countries in this world. They all have their own virtues, strengths, and weaknesses. One country may have the opportunities, but not the freedom. Another country may have the freedom, but they don't have the opportunity. Yet another country might have the freedoms and the opportunities, but they don't provide the general public with the resources needed to bring it all together. But the United States provides all three! So why are there so many U.S. citizens complaining about their lives? Why do they think they have it so bad? Why have they stopped chasing their dreams? But a really good question is, why are there so many people that immigrate to the United States with very little money and eventually end up owning their own businesses? I believe it is because when they first arrive in America, they notice that it is the first time they have ever had the real chance to fulfill their dreams and goals. They saw that with hard work, persistence, and dedication, their goals could be achieved. I think that many of us Americans have forgotten what we have. I think that many of us have forgotten that creativity and persistence is a large part of what built our fruitful economy.
If more of us could visit different countries and experience different cultures, especially areas that do not cater to tourists, then we would have a much greater appreciation for what is available to us. And we might even get that spark of life and adventure back! So the next time you think about living your dreams and starting a business from scratch and believe that it is impossible, ... think again! I used to be a single parent with no visible chance at success. But I took another look at what this country has to offer, and now I have traveled to the other side of the world, and created an offline and an online business. Who knows what the future will bring to you, but If you don't seek it, you definitely will not find it! If you live in the USA and you're ready to work hard and put some dedication into it, then all you have to do is open your eyes to the amazing amount of opportunity surrounding you. And when you think you can't do it, just remember one thing, ... you're an American! This is the Country of Big Business, and of Entrepreneurs! So get on the internet, get creative, and start searching for what it is that you need to get that business you've dreamed of started!

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