Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Our New Free International Trade Listings Site

Our team here at Global Q International has decided to create and provide a new website to provide free trade listings for our customers.  On our new website, GQI Trade Listings, customers can register for a free account, and create free advertising listings to promote their products or services internationally.  Registered customers can also create a Business Profile Page of their own, and it will be hosted on our servers.  

GQI Trade Listings

To create their own profile page, all they have to do is fill out a very short web form, click save, and their profile page will be set up immediately.  They will have their own link to their profile page, and they can post their link on their social networking sites, and other places online where they would like to showcase their business.  

We created a profile page of our own as a sample, to show what your profile page might look like.  You can change the header image, and add your own logo.  Here's the link to our sample profile page ... 

Our new Trade Listings site is set up very much like classified ads sites, but with categories appropriate for international buyers and sellers.  When you set up your free ad listing, you can display if you are a "Buyer" or a "Seller" ... and write your ad accordingly.  You can also select your country and region for others to see.  You are welcome to post your free global trade listings right now, at

We look forward to seeing you there on our Free Ad Network.  Thank you.

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